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                    MSN Institutes For Civil Engineers has been established  to provide essential support for students and professionals through quality education & training for relevant industries; to increase the employment retention, earnings, & occupational skills.

                    We are the practical training Institute for Civil Engineers to Provide practical training to the professionals and Beginners as per the Industry requirements of Construction companies in India and Abroad. We directly prepare Engineers for the various positions like Quantity SurveyorsPlanning EngineersBilling Engineer,  Draftsman, Structural  Engineers, Structural detailerInterior DesignerCivil Software Trainer, Site Engineer, Store Keeper, BIM trainer and QA/QC Engineers, Etc..

                   The Training Institutes aims to improve the quality of the workforce, Utilization of human resources effectively, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation’s economy. There is a priority for eligible low income and welfare recipients and for certain veterans or veteran spouses to receive specific services. The Training Institute will provide job search and placement assistance. The goal of the program is to increase employment and employment retention and provide employers with a skilled workforce and qualified job applicants.

                   The Training institute is intended to provide knowledge-based solutions to organizations with Planning,Project Management,Structural design,Interior Design,Drafting and Rehabilitation of structures.

Courses Offered

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Structural Detailing

The detailer prepares detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the manufacture and erection of steel members.   Course Content: …

Quantity Surveyor

  Quantity Surveyor Syllabus 1.Rate analysis  2.Quantity preparation for Sub-Structure  3.Quantity preparation for Super-Structure  4.Quantity preparation for Shuttering  5.Quantity preparation …

Planning Engineer

Planning engineers determine and develop the most suitable and economically viable construction and engineering methods for projects. Topics: To specify …

Interior Designer

Interior designing is a fast growing professional field with the real estate and construction industry playing a vital role in …


Draftsman courses train students to draft, or draw, blueprints for a wide variety of buildings, products and machines in two …

Site Management (Site Engineer)

Construction site management prepare students to coordinate all needs of a construction project. Basic construction courses in safety, surveying and …

Store Keeper

Safety procedures and potential issues in store management Acceptance and Handing over Procedures Maintenance of stores premises Labor controls and …


Vastu is an ancient Indian shaastra of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place …

What our students says

Quantity Surveyor

Joining the MSNIFCE enabled me to get a head start into the world of quantity surveyor. The quality of the reference materials was really good with elaborate explanations, exercises and diagrams. The enthusiastic and friendly staff members further kindled my interest to pursue my dream of becoming a design engineer.

Bhoopathi Raja A

Quantity Surveyor

MSNIFCE helped by widening my scope of understanding of the ethics of projects management skills. It has also made me fulfil a long time desire of obtaining an internationally recognized skills training certificate. Interest, dedication and most importantly, the zeal to work with diverse people, technology and machines are a must for engineers.

Sheik Mohamed Meeran

Planning Engineer

I came to MSNIFCE to get training on Site Engineer  but the counsellor helped me identify Planning Engineer course appropriate for me. The courses offered by MSNIFCE are good. Those who want to excel and use these courses, in pursuit of their profession, must adhere to the basics.

Kalaiyarasan S

Quantity Surveyor


Prasanth R

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